Finding Global Corporate Annual Reports for US, CA, UK

Global Corporate Annual Reports

Finding Global Corporate Annual Reports for US, CA, UK

In today’s global finance system, there are numerous ways to invest money. These could be anything from passive income, such as real estate, to securities like cryptocurrency, stocks, or bonds.

Since the 1900s, the most common way to invest and make money is through the stock market. Buying and selling company stocks, with the right approach, has always been profitable for investors. Usually, the price of an asset can be affected by many factors. Things like company news and financial performance either positive or negative, could cause fluctuation in stock price. An economic boom or recession in a country where stocks are traded could also make an impact. All of this data helps to make important investment decisions.

The following article will discuss company reports, where to look, what to look for, and what affects the asset price and your profit.

Trading Securities in the US

The American stock market is controlled by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SEC provides fair trading principles and financial report data for all companies registered. 

The SEC validates information through the EDGAR system: the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval. It is a system that allows companies to publish reports that can be accessed by investors.

Each report published by the company is audited externally for public trading.

On this website, there are several different reports such as the 8K (Current Report), the 10Q (Quarterly Report), and what might be the most interesting the 10K (Annual Report).

Additionally, there is information on the trading of internal securities insider trading. These are often the buying and/or selling of the company’s internal securities operations by directors and employees of the company. 

There is a lot of useful information in the report about the company such as net assets, financial statements, debt, and future projections. For example, in the latest quarterly report of the company AAPL, there is detailed sales/profit data the best-selling product is still the iPhone. Also, there is information regarding the loss of sales in China due to the geopolitical situation.

Trading in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to the London Stock Exchange. On this exchange, there are many trading companies, also the FTSE-100 which is an index of the top 100 companies with the largest market capital.  For instance, the information available for the mobile operator Vodafone, includes a company overview, the current stock price, and the quarterly financial reports

Canada’s Securities

Canada also provides the opportunity to trade securities with five different exchanges – one of which is based in Toronto. The best way to start is with the list of the top 30 by performance. In addition, you can peruse different companies like MFC, and see stock prices, and financial indicators.

What is an Annual Report?

The annual report is usually an electronic document where the company overviews its financials and accomplishments for a specific period. Along with it is a review of the risk factors associated with investing in the company. In a lot of cases, the report is the source for deciding whether or not to invest capital.

Do All Companies Have an Annual Report?

No, not all companies have a public annual report. Generally, some companies are trading on different stock exchanges such as the Toronto, New York, or London Stock Exchanges. They are required by law to report activities and data related to their business.

Where Can I Find Historical Annual Reports?

A useful source for finding annual reports, financial information, and future projections of the top companies around the world is

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